Classic Trouble Board Game




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Can you stay out of trouble long enough to win the game? Trouble is a classically fun game in which players race to be the first person move all their pegs around the game board and into the finish slots to win. But watch out! If another player lands on the same spot as you, your peg has to start over. Featuring a fun???Pop-O-Matic??? bubble to roll the dice, Trouble is a race to the finish!. Each game comes with a game board, pop-o-matic dice roller, 16 pegs and instructions. Trouble is recommended for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. The average playing time is 25-35 minutes. Actual Dimensions: 1.75″ x 10.75″ x 10.75″. Actual Weight: 1.18 Lbs.Fun for all ages
Ages 5 and up
Recommended for 2 to 4 players
Includes plastic game board
Includes pop-o-matic die roller
English and Spanish instructions