Flight Adventures: The Simulator Collection




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Fasten your seat belt and prepare for the ultimate piloting adventure of a lifetime! A combination of 50 European and American based flight plans are the challenge in this collection of aerial excitement, expanding the capabilities of your Microsoft® Flight Simulator® program. Each scripted trip must be followed precisely. Surprise malfunctions provide you with unforgettable tests of skill. You can even create custom adventures and add four new aircraft to your current set. Think you’ve got rapid reactions and a quick mind? Summon up your nerves of steel ’cause you’re going to need them!Take to the European and North American skies with 50 flight plans
3 Different adventure modes available: FSCOM, AEROSOFTO AIRLINE FLIGHTS and BAO flight shop
FSCOM program lets you create your own custom adventures
Many call signs from international airlines
Easy to read flight plans you can print