Guess Who Game




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Can you guess who your opponent’s Mystery Character before they guess yours? Then you’re ready to win this version of the classic Guess Whogame! Ask your opponent yes-or-no questions about the character’s color, wheels and other details, and close the doors to the wrong characters based on the answers. Make your guess when you’re ready, but don’t guess wrong – if you do, you can’t guess again until your next turn! But if you guess right, you’re the winner! Guess Whoand all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.High quality toys for children all ages
Made using safe materials
Tested for quality and durability
Classic Guess Whogame is mystery-solving guessing fun
4 exciting character sets: Sea Creatures, Fun Foods, Vehicles and Pets
Close the doors on the characters you rule out
Includes 2 game trays, 4 double-sided character sheets (2 for each game tray), 2 selectors and instructions