Haktoys HAK104 Stunt Master – Acrobatic Extreme 360° Tumbling & Spinning Action Racer Rechargeable RC Car with Colorful Lights – Colors May Vary




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The new HAK104 Stunt Master is a super-fast stunt car that performs incredible acrobatic action and will provide hours of entertainment. Its V-shaped low-ground clearance body and four huge off-road tires allows it to extend its legs into a vertical split while the car-like truck performs 360° spins with bright and colorful flashing lights. Great for all ages!

Specifications and Features

RC Car dimensions: 7.5 x 6.5 x 3 inches
Optimum charge time: 2-3 hours, Run time: 8-10 minutes, Range: up to 30 feet, Speed: up to 12 mph
Functions: Forward, Reverse, Left Turn/Eddy, Right Turn/Eddy
Extreme 360° tumbling, Side-splitting Stunt, Split Stunt Chassis, 2-Side Action, Bright and colorful lights
Plastic controller antenna for safety
Available in Red (27MHz) and Blue (49MHz) colors

Additional Remarks

Instructions are located on bottom of the box.
Longer run time can be achieved by obtaining an extra car battery at ASIN: B015NE7SQ6
Battery compartment latch provides sufficient force to keep the compartment closed. Screw is provided for added safety. The battery compartment does not require screw/unscrew each time the battery is charged.
The controller should be pointing toward the car so that the antenna can send/receive signals better.
Fulfillment by Amazon ships random colors. Please order from the seller directly if you want to receive a specific color or to receive 2 different colors.

Package Contents

1 x HAK104 Stunt Master RC Car
1 x 7.2V 700mAh Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery
1 x Remote Control with antenna
1 x 9V battery
1 x AC Wall Charger

Why HAK Toys?

HAK Toys stands by every product it offers, and it would never offer a product that does not pass HAK Toys’ strict quality measurements. This means that HAK Toys’ quality is top-notch. If the product does not meet your expectations, we will make it right – guaranteed!

Ready-to-run, Extreme 360° Tumbling & Spinning Action, Bright and Colorful Flashing Lights
V-Shaped Low Profile, 4 Huge Off-Road Tires, Daredevil Spin and Flip over
Precise Racing, Breathtaking Advanced Stunts, Dazzling Action Tricks
Optimum charge time: 2-3 hours, Run time: 8-10 minutes, Range: up to 30 feet, Speed: up to 12 mph
Available in Red (27MHz) and Blue (49MHz) colors. All Batteries Included.