JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Babies, 13-Inch Baby Soft Doll Soft Body Twins, Designed by Berenguer




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Now You Can Have Twice The Fun & Double The Love!
Introducing ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ twin dolls by JC toys, designed by Berenguer. These two adorably cute huggable baby dolls come dressed in sweet matching owl-themed outfits and coordinated colors. One of the first things you will notice when you see these two baby dolls in person is their happy and expressive faces. Imagine: all the joy in the world looking back at you!
The ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ twin dolls have life-like appearance made possible only by a specially hand-crafted design. The superior quality from our award-winning designers means you get only the highest quality sculpted head, arms, and legs. Every detail looks just like real life baby twins.
Made for children ages 2 and up, ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ twin dolls are safe and fun. There are no moving parts. The vinyl sculpting connects seamlessly to a plush and huggable body. You’ll love their twinkling and life-like blue & brown eyes, that are set open in place above adorably squeezable cheeks. Clothes are easily removed with a velcro strip on each doll’s washable one piece outfit and matching caps.
JC Toys is a family run and operated business with origins dating back to 1982 in south-east Spain – one of the top major toy-making and design centers in the world. Today, you can find 100s of dolls, playtime accessories, and more by JC Toys on www.amazon.com/jctoys
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Two adorably cute huggable baby dolls with the sweetest little eyes (blue & brown) and facial expressions you’ve ever seen.
13″ soft body and life-like vinyl head, hands, and feet that make pretend playtime fun and realistic for children 2 and older. Safety Tested and Approved.
Easy to clean – just spot wash the body with warm water and light soap after removing the machine-washable owl-themed outfits with matching hats
Soft & cuddly body encourages non-stop hugging, holding, and special care which in turn develops self-soothing techniques
Made by JC Toys – the only baby doll manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience. Proud to be Designed by Berenguer