LEGO Angry Birds 75823 Bird Island Egg Heist Building Kit (277 Piece)




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Red’s hot temper has landed him in an Angry Bird Anger Management Class at Matilda’s House-but he’s even angrier when a naughty piggy steals the eggs! Catapult Red at the Piggy Trike and take the eggs from the box in the back of the trike! Play out action-packed scenes from The Angry Birds Movie and return the eggs to the flock.Bird Island Egg Heist features Matilda’s House with a staircase catapult and easel, plus a branch, plants, flower elements and a Piggy Trike
Includes 3 figures: Red, Matilda and Biker Pig
Matilda’s House measures over 5″ (15cm) high, 6″ (17cm) wide and 3″ (9cm) deep
Accessory elements include spinning Billy the Sign, 4 eggs and 2 bird nests
Piggy Trike features a giant front wheel, 2 balloons and a box at the rear for eggs