LEGO compatible SmartiPi Raspberry Pi B+,2, and 3 w/ camera case – Gray




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The SmartiPi is a Kickstarter funded project! Search for it on Kickstarter.The SmartiPi is a very versatile Raspberry Pi B+ or Pi 2 model B case with LEGO and GoPro mount compatibility. Mount the case with any GoPro mount and snap on the included SmartiPi camera case to the top. The possibilities are endless. The LEGO compatible removable top plate is available in 3 different colors. When removed it allows you to see the Pi in the case. You can build off the plates to create vents or just use your imagination. The bottom of the case is not LEGO compatible but will stack. There are three holes in the case that align with 75mm vesa mount holes, so you can bolt it to the back of a monitor. We offer three different SmartiPi kit options in our store. The SmartiPi works the Raspberry Pi B+ ,2, and 3. GoPro compatible tripod mount not included. Disclaimer: LEGO is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. This product is not endorsed or licensed from the LEGO Group of companies. GoPro is a registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. This product is not endorsed or licensed from GoPro. Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. All trademarked items are the property of their respective owners and licensees.Includes 4 screws, GoPro mount bolt, Raspberry Pi case, and Raspberry Pi camera case
Removable Gray LEGO compatible 6 x 10 top
Works with GoPro mounts
Optional GoPro compatible mount not included
Works with GPIO cables without strain relief