Little Baby 13″ Bathtime Doll Bath Set for Kids




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Children love bath time, and this baby doll set comes with everything you need for a real bath of its own. Made from realistically molded plastic, the doll can be immersed in the included bathtub, scrubbed with the loofah sponge and play soaps, then dried off with a hooded towel. All vinyl 13″ doll comes with bathrobe with hoodie, baby onesie, loofah sponge, yellow duckie, lotion, shampoo containers and soap dish. Bathtub features moving showerhead that sprays water. After bath, change the doll from bathrobe to a cute baby onesie. Doll has articulated neck, arms, and legs and her eyes open and close.Experience the everyday fun of bath time with this adorable baby doll
Comes with 13″ doll, purple bathtub and tons of bathtime accessories
Bathtub features real working moveable showerhead
Includes pink loofah sponge, rubber duckie, lotion, shampoo, soap, bathrobe and baby clothes
The perfect bath time baby doll every girl will love