Putin Riding on a Bear Action Figure




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A shirtless Vladamir Putin riding a Russian Bear. We’re not sure it can get much better than that! Known not only as the President of Russia, we see time and time again Putin is a man of the wilderness. He is often outdoors, horseback riding, fishing, or hunting exotic animals for science to be tagged and tracked. By exotic we mean Siberian tigers, polar bears, and grey whales; seriously how often do you meet a President who has handled these kinds of animals? Nature aside, Putin has made great strides in Russia, aiding in raising the middle class, lowering taxes, and eradicating national debt! This figurine of a shirtless Putin riding a bear is a great mad dictator themed gift. It represents Russia’s fierce boldness throughout history, and the people’s courage and desire to achieve. It is a perfect gift to yourself, or for the military friend, a politician, collectors, a lover of Russia, or any man or woman who is adamant about attaining their goals despite the folly of others. For anyone who believes riding a grizzly bear while shirtless should look as effortless as Putin makes it seem (while running a country and being totally kick-butt) this is for you. Truly a patriotic symbol that belongs on the desk of all true admirers of the glorious Russian leader.Memorabilia of the majestic Vladimir Putin
Figurine depicts shirtless President Putin riding effortlessly on Russian bear
Renown Russian bear stands over the very shape of the nation and it’s colors
Made from high quality resin material and hand painted
Figurine not formally endorsed by nor affiliated with President Vladimir Putin