Remote Control Car / Truck / Buggy (Aka Truggy!)(Color May Vary) – Fun Turbo Speed Rc Truggy By Thinkgizmos




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This awesomely fun 1:19 scale rc car (or Truggy!) boasts a 5 metre range of control via the included controller. Give it full power and prepare to reach speeds of up to 10kmh (which is 240Kmph scale speed!). Built with excellent crash resistant material, the Remote Control Truggy can handle tough terrain outdoors, but is also perfect for indoor fun. A changeable hobby style body, front and rear bumpers and sturdy off-road tyres add to the stunning design. Overall, this is one of the most fun remote control cars and unbeatable value for money. Enjoy! WOW!! Each car now includes all batteries for the car and controller, plus an extra set for the car, so you wont have to buy batteries for a while. PLEASE NOTE: Colors are sent randomly from either Red or Black models. The car itself requires 4 x AAA Batteries, and the controller 2 x AA Batteries. Included in the pack are 8 x AAA Batteries and 2 x AA Batteries. This item is a ThinkGizmos branded product. ThinkGizmos is a registered UK trade mark.Super value hobby-style remote control car for kids (truck / buggy (aka Truggy!). Fast rc car has a relative speed of 240 kilometres per hour, (10kph actual). Please note, all models of this super fun truggy are on the same frequency so 2 or more cannot be raced together.
NEW! Now includes all required batteries in the pack, plus a free extra set for the R/C Car. Everything is included in the box – This remote control toy is ready to run!
This 1:18 scale remote control car for boys is very easily controlled from up to 5 meters away by the awesome looking pro trigger style remote controller.
Features big off road tires which enables use indoors or outside, rear & front bumpers, and super absorbent front and rear suspension.
Approximately 20cm long. For ages 8+ . This remote control car is perfect for big kids (both boys and girls) and Dad too! PLEASE NOTE: Colours are sent randomly from either Red or Black models. – This is a ThinkGizmos branded product.