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Team up to be creative in this party game where being different counts! In the Scattergories game, teams come up with answers that fit the categories listed on their card. Sounds easy, but the answers need to start with the letter rolled on the die! Come up with as many answers as you can before time runs out, but be creative – your team only gets points if no other team has the same answer.

Be different
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Fun Party Game

Do you have what it takes to be creative and think outside the box? The Scattergories game keeps you on your toes. Try to outwit other teams by coming up with unique answers in this fast-paced party game. Choose a category card, then roll the large 20-sided die and see which letter shows up. Race against the timer to think of answers for each category that begin with the letter on the die. Here’s where it pays to be unique! You can only score points if your answers are different from the other teams’. The Scattergories game has over 3,500 possible category combinations, assuring you hours of fun!

Lots of categories
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Get Creative

Play individually or as teams in this exciting and fast-paced party game. Each team or player takes 1 of 32 category cards and writes down words that fit the categories on the card. Words have to begin with the letter rolled on the oversized letter die. Start the timer and the challenge of being different begins! Need a color that begins with the letter P? Instead of pink, try powder blue. Need a word for furniture that begins with the letter C? How about a cozy chair, or a comfy cotton couch? Multiple word answers that start with the same letter for each word rack up even more points. Whoever gets the most points wins the game.

Team up
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Fun and Challenging

Challenge your friends to this classic party game in which you push your creativity to the limit. Trying to think of words in the chosen category while racing against the timer can generate hilarious discussions and nail-biting suspense. Players can also challenge answers and vote on whether words are acceptable or not, which adds even more fun to this classic party game.

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4 folders, 1 answer pad, 20-sided die, 32 category cards and timer.

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1. This is a game where being different wins points 2. Over 3,500 possible category combinations 3. 20-sided letter die to shake up your game 4. Discussing creative answers with team members adds to the fun 5. Race against the timer to come up with unique answers

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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High quality toys for children all ages
Made using safe materials
Tested for quality and durability
Scattergories game challenges you to come up with items fast
26-sided die tells you what letter the items have to start with
You score points when you come up with items that nobody else does
Play in teams for tons of fun
Includes timer, die, Scattergories cards, score sheets and instructions