Stare! Junior Board Game – 2nd Edition




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In STARE! JUNIOR – the board game – Kids can test and train their visual memory skills and have a blast doing it! Players have 30 seconds to stare at an image on a card. Images are varied and fun for kids to look at. It might be a movie poster, funny photo, comic, work of art and more. When time is up, an opponent will flip over the card and ask the player a series of questions about the image to see how much they can recall. What was the clown holding in his left hand? What color was the girl’s party hat? Guess right and advance on the game board. Kids can play individually or on teams. Great for family game night! The revised Second Edition includes larger image cards containing all new images and questions. Great for family game night! Includes image cards, game board, sand timer, playing pieces, die and more….. This award winner has gotten even better-Stare! Junior 2nd Edition has all new images and larger cards
A fun game for kids that develops memory, concentration and imagination
A winner of the National Parenting Center Seal and the Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family
Includes 160 fun image cards with 960 questions, game board, sand timer, playing pawns, die
Great Fun for the Whole Family!