TOZO 7.4V 1100mAh Battery for C1021 / C 1022 RC CAR High Speed 32MPH 4×4 Off Road Truck Powersport Roadster ( 1pcs )




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Original Rechargeable Li-Po Battery for TOZO C1021 / C1022 RC High Speed Cars

100% Original TOZO
100% Brand New
High quality and durable in use
Capacity:7.4V 1100mah
Compatible with TOZO C1021 / C1022

Package including:
1pc 7.4V 1100mah batteries

1) On receving, please double check whther battery swelled up.If swelled up, do stop using or charging, and contact us in time.
2) Do not overcharge the battery.
3) For safety reasons, make sure batteries located in a clean place which is easy for heat dissipation.
4) Do not charge batteries that are still hot or it might lead to fire or explosion.
5) Do keep batteries away from humid,hot area, or inflammable materials, such as floor with carpet covered.
TOZO C1021 / C 1022 Original 7.4V 1100mah Li-Po Battery
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