Very Best Glacier White 7 Watts® PS4 Rapid Fire TrueFire Mod Chip Controller • Dropshot, Auto Aim, Quickscope • COD BO3, Advanced Warfare, Halo, Destiny, • Custom Mods Auto Run, Akimbo, Sniper Breath




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Welcome to your new gaming experience!

When you purchase this mod controller it will arrive quickly – shipped by Amazon’s super fast Prime shipping team- new and sealed in original packaging.
Product instructions are included on – where you can also see the full list of mods and functions.
Features are EASY TO USE, even though there are many possible modes to play with.
These controllers are stealth so there are no extra homemade buttons, all the mods are accessed using the controller’s original buttons.

How 7 Watts Mod Controllers Work:.
The 7 Watts microchip is interfaced with the controller’s circuit board such that when the mods are activated, it tells the controller the buttons are being pressed (rapid trigger depression for rapid fire, Circle [PS] or B [Xbox] button depression when you are shooting for Drop Shot, and so on).

What This Means:.
There is no difference between local play and online play.
And 7 Watts mods work for ALL semi auto/burst weapons in ALL FPS games with standard button mapping (All COD games, Destiny, GOW…etc).
Right trigger: fires weapon.
Left trigger: aims weapon.
…And so on.

If you are playing a shooter game that does not have standard button mapping, simply change the mapping to be like COD and it will work like a charm.

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